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Why Wood ?

View the logs used in our cabins

Wood is the only major building material that is renewable and Europe's sustainable managed forests ensure that there is an ample supply. For over a thousand years Europeans have been building log cabins, now new manufacturing technology allows every part of the tree to be used so that nothing is wasted.

Wood is the only major building material that is renewable – a reason why Europe's forest base is still abundant after 100's of years of harvesting.

Wood is also durable which means that the materials will last for a long time and not need to be replaced. For example, churches in Norway and temples in Japan have lasted over a thousand years. In North America , there are many examples of historic wood buildings from the 16th century that are still standing. Even the foundations of the Empire State Building rest on wood piles!

Wood reduces energy use, minimizes external and internal pollution and is the only material that comes from a sustainable resource. Wood is the natural choice for building environmentally safe and secure homes and buildings.

Wood must be the natural choice whether you require a garden building, home office, a simple self-contained office or one of our more prestigious and much larger designs. Wood gives a feeling of comfort and warmth and must be the right choice.

All of the timber used in the construction of our cabins is sourced from the Baltic regions, and due to the slow growth of the trees the quality of our logs is exceptionally high.

Below are the log profiles that are available for the construction of our cabins, all of our logs are kiln dried.

Cross-section diagram of the types of logs used in our cabins.